I qualified from the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and have had a varied and interesting career. I have extensive experience in general practice. I did my vocational GP training in West Sussex following which I worked as a GP in Brighton and then Dublin. I also worked part-time with the Eastern Health Board, Ireland on the initial phase of the development of general practice.

Before I trained as a GP, I have worked in a variety of hospitals and gained experience in general medicine; surgery (general, vascular, orthopaedic and neurosurgery); paediatrics; obstetrics & gynaecology and psychiatry. I was also an Accident and Emergency Registrar in a major Dublin hospital which entailed being the doctor sent to major incidents to give on the spot treatment and was part of the major incident plan. I have also worked in a secure psychiatric hospital which involved doing prison clinics which was often very challenging.

Over the years I have assisted doctors in difficulty in the UK which led to an interest in law.

I am “old school” and proud of this. I don’t judge anyone and I like to work out the best solutions to problems together. I do not believe in lecturing patients and I guarantee that you will not be lectured to about smoking or anything else.

About 15 years ago I was asked to do some acting work as an “extra” and must have been relatively good at it because I have since been in many different programmes. Most of these involve crime which I really don’t like!! When medical issues come up on set I have advised on the accuracy of filming etc. Now that covid-19 is here I have also worked on set carrying out Covid-19 testing on actors and crew. There is incredible talent in this industry and a benefit of this work is meeting a variety of really interesting and creative people.